SFB-Medien der Kooperation

SFB-Medien der Kooperation

A05 – Cooperative creation of user autonomy in the context of an ageing society

The subproject aims at the ethnographic investigation and socio-technical design of autonomy-promoting media infrastructures.

In concrete terms, the research project will focus on the self-determined use and appropriation of digital media by technology-affine and technology-remote older users. Using an interdisciplinary research design, the specific practices with which autonomy in the appropriation context of new media can be established against the background of an aging society will be examined in particular. Using ethnographically based action research, situated media-related appropriation practices along the modes of use and access as well as patterns of interpretation and action are to be collected. The focus is on the social, cultural and life-world dimensions of appropriation. The combination of the ethnographic and cultural studies perspective with social gerontological approaches enables the reconstruction of appropriation practices and perspectives of the actors and at the same time creates the empirical basis for practice-oriented technology design. For this purpose, the resource-oriented approach from IT-related age(s) research is to be taken up. Building on the results of the ethnographic studies, a socioinformatic design case study defines, prototypes and evaluates the special design requirements for autonomy-promoting media infrastructures in the context of an aging society.

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