The aim of iStoppFalls is to develop and implement ICT based technologies which can be easily integrated in daily life practices of older people living at home, and which allow for exercise training and fall risk assessment based on discrete measuring technologies and adaptive assistance functions.

The Senior Mobility Monitor (SMM) will continuously monitor mobility in daily life and will provide quantitative information on frequency, duration and type of mobility activities and qualitative information on balance function and muscle power.

Our Kinect based fall preventive exercise training program (Exergame) will facilitate home-based falls preventative exercises, whereby data is acquired by unobtrusive sensing together with biomechanical modelling and optional heart rate data assessment.

The Knowledge Based System for fall prediction & prevention correlates these two sources of mobility information (SMM & Exergame), and in turn provides sufficient data to perform a trend analysis of these entities.

iStoppFalls will be based on user-centred design approaches, and thus provides advanced Human Computer Interaction (HCI) adjusted to the capabilities of our older adult users (usability & accessibility).

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